Campo Grande 200

Campo Grande 200

Year: 2021
Location: Lisboa
Products: FMG Maxfine Travertino Classic Lucidato 300x150cm, FMG Trax Struturato 60x60, FMG Trax Natural 60x60cm

Balance between a cosmopolitan life and tranquility.
FMG Maxfine Travertino Classic Lucidato 300x150cm for floors and cladding in 2 entrance halls, hallways and common doors. The same material was used on the counter in the main entrance hall.
FMG Trax Struturato 60x60 indoors, outdoors and around the pool, as well as on the access stairs. FMG Trax Natural 60x60cm in the remaining floors and walls of the pool room and in I.S. of support.

Jorge Ourique – Gama Uno

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