Premium bathrooms 

Laufen's core competence lies in its expertise in the field of sanitary ware manufacturing. Founded in 1892, throughout its history the Laufen brand has employed timeless raw materials used in ceramics to create sanitary ware products, with high priority to sustainability and the renowned Swiss precision. What makes Laufen products unique is the Swiss spirit that combines two major stylistic trends: the emotive Italian design of the South and the tradition of precision and clarity in design of the North.

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We don’t rest on our laurels but constantly drive forward innovations and design – this is deeply embedded in our DNA. We aim to appeal to people with high-quality, emotional and functional products for the bathroom environment. The basis for this is provided by our enthusiastic employees and the intelligent interconnection of materials, production processes and design management which we have established at Laufen.  

Alberto Magrans, CEO