Xcut by Alape

Xcut by Alape

Xcut dispenses with the closed cylindrical shape of the floor-standing washstands and reduces the body to create a minimalist design. The design principle impresses with a fascinating clarity and lightness without losing stability. The integrated counter space provides practical storage space.

Xcut combines master craftsmanship and sophistication. The white glazed steel basin fits perfectly into the reduced size body of the washstand. A joint width of just one millimeter and coordinated surfaces create a harmonious unit with the highest standards in terms of precision.

Made entirely in white, Xcut fits particularly well into bright and reduced-size interiors. The flush-mounted valve cap ensures a homogeneous appearance. There is also an integrated shelf under the basin, which offers practical storage in the smallest of spaces.

It is incredibly easy to fit to the cabinet to be fixed on the wall. The washstand is available in two versions: for basin or wall-mounted fittings. The X-shaped foot is protected by invisible rubber feet, which prevent scratching and waterlogging.

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