This is MEM by Dornbracht

This is MEM by Dornbracht

Organic water flow and a design reduced to the essentials are defining characteristics of MEM. Reminiscent of a spring - one of the oldest and purest sources of water - the intentionally conservative design of MEM complements the ambiance of various bathroom architectures with ease. MEM stands for: clarity, reduction, balance.

The inclusion of MEM with a stunning golden finish is guaranteed to make a bold statement in any bathroom. The new finish is available as brushed or glossy version, both of which exude warmth and sophistication in an unparalleled shade. MEM with the 22kt Gold Champagne finish is an ideal choice to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your bathroom decor - whether you prefer a modern or a classic look.
MEM also offers a range of other outstanding finishes like Platinum, Brushed Dark Platinum, Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold), and a variety of beautiful custom-made mother-of-pearl handles.

MEM does not need much to create a striking presence in a room. It always makes a strong statement that refines any bathroom. Its uninterrupted lines epitomize continual flow.
The washstand fittings in the series have an integrated aerator that provides a gentle and airy stream of water. The technology is concealed, with only the visible outlet showing.

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