THÉKĒ by Iris Ceramica

THÉKĒ by Iris Ceramica

Thékē is a collection of exquisite inspirations, exploring the expressive and combinatory potential of a selection of material effects to generate new pathways for design. From the weaves of magnificent carpets by way of the many-faceted forms of different types of stone, the gleam of metals and the master-craftsmanship of inlaid woods, through to the subtle shades of tempera wall-paintings, each input is the inception of an imaginary journey, sublimated in surfaces vibrant with original details. 

Ceramic haute couture creations for clothing interiors with unique, constantly exclusive emotions. THÉKĒ offers six different options that perfectly combine with each other to completely transform the spaces: Trame Decori, Trame, Pietre, Tarsie, Acciaio, Tempere.

The woven textures of carpets are perfect for creating exquisite surfaces with the perfect blend of visual fluidity and tactile refinement. A counterpoint of shades and consistencies that reverberate through interiors, amplifying their beauty.

Pietre offers different types of stone with unique details that create vibrant and distinctive surfaces perfect to combine with other pieces of the THÉKĒ collection.

Thékē’s decorative spirit is nourished by a symbiosis between sculptured substance and finely detailed modulations of patterning and color. A combination raised to the level of a genuine poetic fusion as the inspirational inputs are reinterpreted in a language with a strong sensory appeal.

Thékē is an invitation to the freedom to imagine, combine and dare, supported by a very wide range of modular sizes, from the most traditional variants to immensely striking large panels. Its surfaces are ideal for covering spaces in design schemes constructed around the intensely unique nature of their tactile character. Or as the source of infinite dialogues between inspirations, harmonies and colors. All with a variety of expression nurtured by an eclectic symphony of effects.

Following the introduction of state-of-the-art Sinkcera technology, the exploration of materials is expanding and reaching unprecedented levels of sensoriality. The perfectly synchronized movement of the surface and the image come together, creating a three-dimensional, pulsating and incredibly complex material that is sculpted by constantly changing light effects. This injection of textured realism paves the way for a new approach to ceramics as an expressive medium, offering emotional and authentic sensations.

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