Stage by Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica

Stage by Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica

Innovative metallic designs forge new structures. Rough imperfections cut across polished surfaces, forging amazing contrasts.

Structured, corroded, dented metal. Stage explores the expressive potential of metal and forges new design references. The collection by Iris Ceramica in partnership with Diesel Living offers an unusual, creative reinterpretation of industrial floors and walls re-imagined in iconic, distinctive porcelain stoneware surfaces. 

On the Boss finish, sombre tones of dull metal recall the anti-slip, checkered steel finishes on platforms, stages and flight cases. In the Diving finish, discoloration and shading reveal experiences, memories and strong emotions. 

Polished, minimalist wall surfaces are reminiscent of the internal walls in old factories and workshops, where the render is replicated in a seemingly mottled effect caused by passing time.

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