Pluriball by Diesel Living - Iris Ceramica

Pluriball by Diesel Living - Iris Ceramica


Stunning design ideas and striking sensory effects. Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica - An ongoing dialogue influenced by culture, diverse approaches, and different experiences, underpinned by a single shared vision. A vision of a universe offering powerful and unprecedented forms of expression for contemporary homes.

Inspired by bubble wrap, Pluriball by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica brings a striking, eclectic dimension to tiling. Playing on the irresistible appeal of this plastic packaging, it offers a unique new ceramic style choice. 

The sophisticated, contemporary spirit of Pluriball is embodied to perfection in shades of White, Black, Blue, Cobalt, Lilac, and Deep Pink. The advanced texture of Pluriball channels a bold, vibrant style. The eclectic syntax of the three-dimensional pattern offers an eye-catching experimental vision of ceramics.

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