PLAN Integral by KEUCO

PLAN Integral by KEUCO

For sanitary facilities in public buildings users require a good level of convenience and reliable functionality, and landlords count on aesthetic solutions that can withstand heavy use - and do not require extensive upkeep for daily operation. The PLAN INTEGRAL furnishing range reconciles these requirements. The system of built-in wall modules for washbasin and WC impresses not only with its robust construction, cleaning-friendliness and easy refilling, but also with its elegant and low-key design.

The function of PLAN INTEGRAL washbasin modules is to hold paper towels and/or facial tissues handy, and they do this in a convincingly straightforward way. Towels and tissues can be extracted from the meticulously crafted openings reliably and hygienically. They are then neatly disposed of in the washbasin module with waste bin. All modules display the same unadulterated design - and complement one another perfectly both aesthetically and functionally.

Whether for ladies, gentlemen or unisex: The WC modules supply maximum convenience in a minimum of space. The functionality is integrated as intelligently as it is unobtrusively. At first glance, module 1 appears to be a toilet paper dispenser - but contained inside are also a compartment for spare paper holder and a toilet brush set. Module 2 combines a sanitary bag dispenser with a sanitary waste bin. Built into the wall as a design accent, they establish a picture of clarity and tidiness.

Available in white and aluminium silver, with their chrome-plated finishes the modules integrate well into a variety of discerning furnishing settings.

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