Native Stone by Porcelaingres

Native Stone by Porcelaingres

With a reference to prehistoric architecture, Native Stone presents an array of neutral colors that match the trends of contemporary design.

A collection that combines elegance and minimalism, finding inspiration in the instinctive strength of a millenary stone.

Native Stone offers versatile porcelain surfaces that match any design needs and dress spaces with an innovative style. A collection of essential and natural elegance, in perfect harmony with the new trends of contemporary interior design.

Modern architecture meets the beauty of the past to create a space of warm comfort and beauty.

A remarkable journey where artistry meets sustainability.

A ceramic slab with a hammered surface, reminiscent of natural stone’s look with its subtly shiny accents. Characterized by a satin finish, Native Stone stands out as a source of new life and innovative realities.

Discover the exquisite beauty of surfaces that reinvent nature’s masterpieces, all while honoring our commitment to the planet we cherish.

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