Kneipp Therapy by Dornbracht

Kneipp Therapy by Dornbracht

Kneipp therapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness found in Europe that involves treating the body, mind and soul of an individual.
While there are five main pillars of Kneipp, water plays a principal role in achieving overall wellness and balance.
According to Jochen Reisberger, leading Kneipp expert and head of the Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen, Kneipp treatments are designed to strengthen the body’s natural defenses as well as the cardiovascular system. Kneipp water therapy also boosts the metabolism, enhances the health of the skin, and leads to a balanced autonomic nervous system.

Dornbracht has developed spa products which allow you to perform Kneipp water therapy affusions from the comfort and privacy of your personal bathroom. Our WATER TUBE and AFFUSION PIPE have been designed using LAMINAR FLOW with a crystal-clear spray pattern that envelops the skin in a blanket of water – making it ideal for carrying out effective Kneipp affusions.

Arm affusions provide an invigorating start to your day or a great way to boost energy whenever you need it. When performed with the Dornbracht AFFUSION PIPE in your shower or attached to your washbasin, they activate blood circulation and promote concentration. Applied regularly, they can also boost the immune system and benefit those who suffer with low blood pressure.

Leg affusions are beneficial for relaxation after a demanding day because they firm the skin, lower blood pressure, and encourage deep, restful sleep. With regular applications which can be easily integrated in your daily shower routine using the Dornbracht WATER TUBE, the cold leg affusion can help to boost the body’s natural defenses and immune system. It also speeds-up metabolism and prevents unattractive vein problems such as spider and varicose veins.

Facial affusions can be performed at any time of the day as a refreshing treatment using Dornbracht’s AFFUSION PIPE specially designed for the washbasin. This treatment works to stimulate the circulation and firms the skin. The cold facial affusion is ideal as a quick fix if you are feeling tired, have a tension headache, or are starting to develop a migraine. It also has a calming effect if you are nervous, or your heart is racing.

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