Challenging the status quo with technically and visibly improved solutions: This is the aim of KEUCO's product design. It succeeds with IXMO because of a consistently applied basic principle: Functionality is intelligently combined to produce a design of utmost minimalism.

Discover fittings solutions that are an exemplary reconciliation of aesthetic design and sensible functionality.

"Merging together the different functions was an exciting challenge. Every day we had new ideas. That is how we created the right conditions for a completely unique design approach." - Dominik Tesseraux

Each IXMO solution is based on a thermostat or a single-lever mixer. Multifunctional modules are then added depending on need. Because these perform several tasks simultaneously, the number of visible parts on the wall can be reduced, until with the IXMO_solo shower fitting, only one single part remains. All that is needed for a complete shower solution is one single fitting element on the wall:
Fitting, single-lever mixer and hose connection uniquely combined.

The IXMO concept enlarges scope for maximum design freedom. With the IXMO modules in their small and uniform dimensions, a variety of impressive installation types can be realised. All visible parts project exactly 80 mm out from the wall (IXMO_solo: 90 mm), producing a coherent big picture.
The minimalist elegance of IXMO is complemented by the slender decor discs. Because they are available as either round or square model, IXMO can be combined with any other KEUCO line.

"Effective immediately, discerning customers only need one single fitting element on the wall for a complete shower solution. This minimalistic approach sets new standards in bathroom design." - Hartmut Dalheimer

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