Iris Ceramica Group celebra 60 anos

Iris Ceramica Group celebrates 60 years

It all began in 1961, in the ceramics district of Sassuolo, between the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where the holding's first factory is located. This is where a process began that lead the company to become one of the main promoters of Made in Italy excellence worldwide. Today it is followed by two other Hubs located in the United States of America and Germany, respectively.

Currently, the Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of high quality ceramic products for residential, commercial and industrial architectural projects.

From its beginnings to the present day, it has anticipated the needs of a world in continuous evolution, drawing on the experience and history that has marked the path of each of its enterprises. The research and development, engineering, production and sales teams are constantly seeking new limits to be surpassed to honour the origins and the path set out by Romano Minozzi, founder and president of the Iris Ceramica Group – quality and innovation are the pillars of the company's assets.

The success of the brands is a result of the perfect balance between historic and prestigious companies like Iris Ceramica, Fiandre, Ariostea or FMG and younger brands like Eiffelgres, Stonepeack Ceramics, Porcelaingres and Sapienstone. All these brands have managed to preserve the spirit of their founder, which makes them unique in the face of a highly competitive market, and which has also is being led by his daughter, Federica Minozzi, CEO of the Iris Ceramica Group.

Production plants are perhaps the place where the presence of the values desired and pursued since their inception is strongest. The focus on innovation is reflected in the technological solutions adopted, which are continuously updated and improved; the quality of the materials complies with the most restrictive certifications; The formula Ecology = Economy, written by Dr. Minozzi in 1971, has always been valid, and even more so today, as the production plants that form part of the Group have for years applied solutions aimed at energy saving and maximum reduction of environmental impact by following best practices in terms of air and water emissions.

The Iris Ceramica Group, in terms of international scientific research and development, has reached an important milestone after ten years of research and market presence of Active Surfaces. Ceramic surfaces of high technical performance and unique beauty were the subject of a scientific study by the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Health Sciences of the University of Milan to verify their antiviral properties against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (responsible for Covid-19).

The founder, and now also his daughter, always kept human, social and ethical issues at the forefront. For this reason, in September 2019, they created the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, a private, non-profit organisation that aims to promote environmental protection, sustainable development and social cohesion, to support projects aimed at developing new models of aggregation and collective well-being, as well as the dissemination of ethical guidelines for companies and people.

The history of the Iris Ceramica Group is reflected in its History Museum, a permanent space, also non-profit, solely for the betterment of society and which arises from the passion for ceramic materials. Inside is a long balcony with red velvet rope, which shows a timeline starting in 1961 and continuing through the decades to the present day. Among the Group's landmarks, identified by the black markings on the rope, is Matimex, which joined the holding company in 1992. At the end, the rope coils, representing a long future: the story still to write.

"Innovation is not just a goal, but the engine of a new strategy, a drive that brings together the forces most receptive to change inside and outside companies", Romano Minozzi.

The Gama Uno team joins in this celebration and congratulates the Iris Ceramica Group, an exceptional and long-standing partner, for this important milestone in its path, wishing for a future is full of shared successes. Congratulations, Iris Ceramica Group!


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