ECO, ECO+ & FlowControl by Laufen

ECO, ECO+ & FlowControl by Laufen


LAUFEN faucets are designed to reduce water and energy consumption because even small actions can make a big difference. They are equipped with durable and low-maintenance cartridges with Eco, Eco+ or FlowControl functions.

The ECO function is a simple and intelligent savings solution for private households. By using water-saving aerators and temperature brakes, ECO fittings enable a reduction in water and energy consumption of around 30%. An additional advantage is that these fittings are particularly durable and require little maintenance. 

With the ECO+ function, LAUFEN goes one step further. Fittings that are equipped with this function completely prevent unwanted hot water consumption, since only cold water is supplied when the operating lever is in the central basic position. This so-called cold water start is the best solution for the economical use of both energy and water, for private households and in semi-public and public areas such as restaurants or hotels. 

The FlowControl function operates as a quantity brake, a noticeable resistance when regulating the water jet. This ensures that less water is wasted, since full pressure and the full amount of water are only activated by consciously pushing the lever beyond the volume brake. Fittings with the FlowControl function are accordingly marked.

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