Dune by Porcelaingres

Dune by Porcelaingres

Inspired by the versatility of limestone, Porcelaingres presents a palette of warm colors whose powerful yet reserved character creates a cozy atmosphere. 

Each piece in this collection mimics the elegant silhouette and undulating movements of desert dunes, evoking the flowing lines and organic shapes of vast expanses of sand. With an exclusive selection of porcelain stoneware slabs, DUNE creates a restful atmosphere in which time passes slowly and which conveys a feeling of calm and natural beauty.

A unique journey where craftsmanship meets sustainability. The satin surfaces are traversed with light veins, reminiscent of the natural elegance and beauty of lightly marbled limestone. 

DUNE’s delicate texture offers a tactile experience in perfect harmony with the visual impact. Discover the extraordinary beauty of ceramic surfaces that reinterpret nature's masterpieces while honoring the commitment to the planet.

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