Belike by Iris Ceramica

Belike by Iris Ceramica

Stylish, innovative, evocative. Dive into the world of Belike immersive textures and shades, with their stunning appearance adding a finishing touch to rooms to define the ambiance.

Belike, a ceramic collection for walls, imparts a fresh contemporary look, reinterpreting the space and adding character to surfaces in any area - bathroom, kitchen, living room or sun deck.

Like delicate oriental fabrics, the floral design intersects with the stunning flat matte or gloss shades, creating a harmonious, balanced effect.
Resembling exquisite porcelain repaired with golden filaments, inspired by the Japanese technique of Kintsugi, geometric graphics transform the room into a contemporary work of art.

Like a window opening onto new horizons, neutral borders enclose hazy colors, recalling light and shade on the ocean.

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