Aqua Maximum by Fiandre

Aqua Maximum by Fiandre

The bathroom as a SPA
Taking care of yourself, carving out a moment of your day to devote to personal care, is not just a healthy habit—it can become a real regeneration ritual for the body and the mind. The bathroom should therefore be designed to promote the maximum comfort for those who use it, leading to a beneficial state of wellbeing. To achieve this rewarding condition, the choice of surface and bathroom accessories should include functionality, aesthetics and easy maintenance. 
GranitiFiandre S.p.A., always devoted to improving the lives of their customers, introducing ever more performing products of excellent quality, is now proud to present AQUA MAXIMUM, a complete system of washbasins, counter tops and shower trays that can be customised with all products made with MAXIMUM FIANDRE EXTRALITE® technology.
The strength of AQUA MAXIMUM is in the possibility of creating a total look effect, combining floors, coatings and bathroom furnishings, and therefore create a space with harmony and aesthetic continuity.
Customising the AQUA MAXIMUM accessories begins by selecting the desired model and the effect that the various MAXIMUM materials can achieve: marble (MARMI MAXIMUM), stone (MEGALITH or QUIETSTONES MAXIMUM), concrete (ASTER), resin (HQ. RESIN) and monochrome (DATA.UNI). Where materials with a distinct vein are selected, such as marbles, the washbasin or shower tray will appear monolithic thanks to the book-matching of the visible vein, which is perceptible when observing the element in the plan view.
Within the AQUA MAXIMUM range, the following washbasin, counter top and shower tray models are available, which can be made in various sizes depending on specific requirements:

Single integrated washbasin up&down
Single integrated washbasin waterfall
Double integrated washbasin up&down
Double integrated washbasin waterfall
Pedestal washbasin
Counter top
Shower tray

All AQUA MAXIMUM components are made individually and assembled by hand, using traditional craftsmanship, each time creating a unique product finished with extreme precision.

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