Am I open-minded? by Kartell by Laufen

Am I open-minded? by Kartell by Laufen

To present the latest new developments of the Kartell by Laufen collection, the two companies have chosen the interpretations of two very different photographers. 

On the one hand Oliver Helbig, with his orientation towards the products themselves, has created bathroom settings that bring out the eclectic character of the range. 

On the other, the choice has gone to Hugo Comte: the famous fashion photographer has produced very dynamic shots, where young models, in keeping with his usual style, seem to be playing with the ceramic and plastic components of the collection, almost wearing them or transforming them into accessories that break through the boundaries of the bathroom. Two contrasting and courageous visions, analyzed by Cristina Morozzi, the design journalist, critic and curator.

The new Kartell by Laufen catalogue offers a complete collection for the bathroom, marked by its innovative use of color, based on the collaboration between two design companies, both excellent in their specific fields: Kartell and Laufen. 

Flexible and mutable, thanks to the options for combining hues and finishes of ceramic fixtures, faucets and a wide variety of accessories, the collection is perfectly in tune with today’s stylistic trends, keeping pace with their evolutions and adapting to the widest spectrum of tastes and contexts, to offer solutions that blend functional quality with a sensual, emotional dimension.

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