Altea by Dune

Altea by Dune

From the images of this beautiful town, known as the dome of the Mediterranean because of the intense blue of its tiles, and the sensations of marine calm, we created Altea, a new series of small format tiles designed to project spaces with soul.

Altea tiles are special because of their colour palettes, which are immersed in the purest chromatic trend.

Altea, with a format of 7.5x30 cm, emulates the result of the artisan work of the potters, who mould the ceramics with their hands and give them a unique appearance. This collection is a clear example of Mediterranean craftsmanship in which traditional ceramics are a sign of identity and purity. This collection stands out for its pastel colours, which convey the concept of absolute comfort. In addition, its ultra-gloss finish allows you to design rooms where sophistication and trends go hand in hand.

Mediterranean inspiration, craftsmanship and trendy colours are the perfect ingredients to create Altea, the new collection of small tiles perfect to enhance any space.

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